Mercado central

The mercado central is a Marketplace in the center of Valencia. From meat,  over bread to fruit, you can find just about everything you could imagine. It is a great place to buy food or to just visit. Everything is local and fresh, however it is still very cheap. Apart from the food, the actual Marketplace looks spectacular, with an impressive dome in its centre.


There is a huge offer of traditional food in Valencia. But which is the best? Only the people who live in Valencia would know and that`s why we went to the streets of the city and talked to different people and asked them for their opinion. They shared their secret places with us…

The favourite sweet of a Valencian inhabitant:

Valencian inhabitant, Andrés, about traditional food in Valencia:

What to drink in Valencia:

Que es la Paella/What is Paella:

For those who don’t speak Spanish:

Andrés told us that the typical food from Valencia is the Paella and Churros. The best place to get those specialities is in the city centre or near the beach if you prefer seafood with your Paella.

The typical Valencian Paella is made up of rice and rabbit/chicken and vegetable.