The festival fallas


Fallas’s monuments

The history of Fallas’s monuments  was born in 18th century .  The carpenters brunt chairs, tables, wood… it means that eliminate bad spirits and new thoughts are born that make the person change his character.

Currently  the monuments are made of cork and wood and criticise society

Las Fallas is a big festival and we wanted to know if people knew it and, if so, what they thought of it.


The Mascletá

The Mascletás is a firework that takes place during March, as part of the Fallas. From March 1st to March 19th, there are Mascletás throughout the city, however the biggest Mascletá  in Valencia takes place at “la plaza del ayuntamiento” each day at two o’clock in the afternoon. It is a truly unique experience, since, unlike other fireworks, the Mascletás focus on the sounds rather than the visual aspects. It is all about the rythm of the loud explosions, which get louder as the Mascletás go on.


We asked Spanish tourist  about fallas  and what he think about it.

1- Do you know fallas?

2- Yes I know it

1- Do you like it, and if so, why?

2- Because it is a party where everybody can enjoy themselves and this party takes place in all neighborhoods and there are a lot of tourists

Traditional Custome of Fallas.

The traditional costume of a woman from Valencia is the Fallera dress. It has a long tradition in history. It appeared in the eighteenth century and began to be a work suit of the Valencian gardeners, but with the passage of time was transformed, and led to a more elegant clothing that was used on special occasions.

The Fallera dresses with shoes covered with cloth, generally, the same one of the suit. The legs are covered with silk or cotton socks, draped and embroidered with different motifs. Above, the petticoat, which is underwear that is placed under the skirt; normally, this garment is added a cup so that the skirt has more volume.

The fabric of the skirt can be silk, cotton or rayon, printed with flowers and other vegetal motifs. Above is placed the apron, which is embroidered in gold or silver thread forming striking drawingsThis is the most famous dress of Valencia and wearing the Fallera costume is an honor for all the girls who live in the city.