Live as a local

However, coming to Rome is not only a cultural and historical dive as it can be  also very funny! Every October and April you can go to Romics, a special event in the suburbs of the city where people dress up as charcaters from books and movies.  They are very well-made and in case you are wondering … of course you can take pictures with them, they will love it! Italian teenagers go there to buy gadgets (t-shirts, necklaces, masks, books for instance) of their favorite tv-shows, mangas and books or to meet other people who belong to their fandom! It is a fun and chaotic experience, but you are definitely going to love it!



Don’t worry if you come in December or February because there are so many activities that you will never get bored! For instance, you could go to the ice-skating rink in San Giovanni neighboorhood. It is a very special way to enjoy your winter holidays… and it’s not expensive at all! The ticket costs € 10.00 and is valid for 60 minutes, but children under the age of 14 and accompanied only pay € 8.00! And if you want to become a good ice-skater, you can book lessons with a private instructor.

Re di Roma ice skating rink


Now, imagine yourself in a very hot Roman summer, when the only thing you want is something fresh but you don’t want to be just like the other tourists. What could you do? We have got the answer! Go anywhere in  the city centre and buy the traditional Roman Grattachecca! It may look strange, but don’t worry, try it and you will be satisfied with delicious tastes!

Grattachecca place


In the evening, you can keep tasting the delicious typical food in the popular Trastevere or in the newly famous Pigneto, with its trendy pubs and restaurants.

Go to our page TO EAT to discover more about that! And enjoy your stay!