To eat – MUNICH

We asked some locals what kinds of bavarian food they would recommend:

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Verrückter EIsmacher („Crazy ice-cream-maker“)

The „verrückte Eismacher“ doesn’t only make the common Ice cream flavours, but also really unusual ones like sausage ice cream, beer ice cream or citron-paprika ice cream. His shop is located in the Amalienstraße 77. There you feel like you are in „Alice’s Wonderland“. Another shop is at the Holzstraße 24. The Ice cream is really tasty, though quite expensive (1,60€ per scoop).

Hans im Glück

“Hans im Glück“ is a restaurant chain in Germany where you can eat burgers and salads. It has a comfortable atmosphere thanks to the special interior design. They have trees between the tables and an uncommon way of lightening their restaurant. It is extremely popular, (there are 12 restaurants all over Munich) and you can taste various flavours of burgers for only 7 to 9 euros. They also offer vegetarian and even vegan dishes.

You can find two of the restaurants at:

Isartorplatz. 8, 80331 München and  10 Tal 80331 München


It’s the worlds most famous Tavern, right in the heart of Munich. The Hofbräuhaus is the cradle of Bavarian tavern culture – the origin of tradition, coziness and hospitality. Every day the bavarian lust of life magically attracts people of all nations. There is plenty of space for everyone and for every occasion. The guests can enjoy authentic bavarian music – every day, all the year round.

Address:  Platzl 9, 80331 München


We asked Bavarians how much beer they actually drink per week: